Our Story

Nourishment begins at the farm and for us it’s the most vital aspect of our organic process. Our family farm + small farmers put together spread across 100+ acres  is located at Hadoli, Belgaon & Suratgaon Village in Latur & Osmanabad districts in Maharashtra. The farm has been following organic cultivation since 2016 and our small farmers are an integral part of our organic value chain.

With over 7500 planted trees in last four years, including a variety of seasonal fruits, and our own 25+ cattle, we make sure to work very closely with Nature for every single aspect. For example, cow dung and urine from our cows are used in making organic fertilisers which are highly nutritious for soil. This chemical free, organic  practice is maintained through the whole  cycle -  from seeds selection and cultivation of raw materials, to manufacturing and packaging. 

Equipped with all processing machines for Pulses, Attas, Species and Jaggery under Hadoli Organic Farm producer company as well Ketchup, Squash, Syrup, Pulp, Paste,  Pickles and health supplement under NJ Foods

Our farm is self reliant in terms of quality adherence and following a completely chemical free practice.