Why I got into Organic Food Business

After completing my MBA from Poona University in 1988,  I spent almost 32 years in media (Retail/BTL/Publication and Events) and lived a mainly urban life, travelling a lot and visiting half the world. But my village Hadoli kept beckoning me and thanks to COVID 19, I got an opportunity to answer my calling and realize my new dream - Organic Farming and Food Production. 

My farther handed over his farmland in 2010 and I used to visit the farm once in 3 months for a holiday. That was when I realised that my attachment to the farm went deeper than a pleasant holiday experience . In 2016 I decided to move to organic farming and started with 12 acres. I started studying it deeper and and the more I studied it the more I discovered the various nuances of this business.

We all take food for granted, and when we study the current food system I am sure you will be shocked. But 95% of us still choose to ignore some uncomfortable facts. Our life span has come down by almost 20 years, our healthcare expenses have gone up many fold in the last 50 years, but we still don't care, and we think we are progressing. 

We all know health is wealth! But we spend so much time gaining wealth that we lose health and then we lose all the wealth to get the health back!  Funny but true. When you think about it,  it's very simple really -   Eat right and live right.  

(The author is Founder & CEO of VJ Organic Farms, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & Managing Director - VJ Media Works, Director IOAA)

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