What's the Missing Piece in Scaling Organic Farming?

Having been in organic farming for about 6-7 years now, I'm coming to realize that scale in the organic food business means compromise. As I said, we have been growing organic food for the last few years; in 2021 we entered the Mumbai market with a few products and started testing the waters. I must say we did well in terms of product acceptance and establishing our brand as an honest, reliable one. But the numbers were not sufficient in terms of business since 95% of the products we sell are sourced from our own farm that is about 100+ acres in area. And within that 60% is soybean which sold in open market, and balance produce is not enough for scale.

I have been trying to connect with many farmers in order to increase the scale, but I have not been lucky enough to meet anyone committed to organic farming. There are lot of farmers who practice a kind of 50-50 organic method, but today not even 15% of them are authentic, following 100% organic farming.

So now the question is, how have others, claiming to be completely organic, grown in their business? Well, either they have better business acumen than us, or they have compromised in the name of organic. I am sure each one has their own yardstick. I have seen many of them start with great passion and a desire to change the world. But the fact is that once you grow to a certain level, then other compulsions and pressures come into play. If you have to cover your cost and meet your expenses, then you start thinking of scale and start outsourcing, and then it's an entirely different ballgame. Compromise becomes almost inevitable at that stage.

Mind you, when I'm talking about authenticity and compromise here, I am not talking about the question of Organic Certification. That's more about compliance. What I am talking about is the more important self certificate of honesty, the one that comes from within and which also has long-term implications for the business.

My colleagues, friends and prospective investors ask me about growth and I really don’t have answer for them. I just tell them I am figuring out my way. Can anyone help me see what I am missing? 

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